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ghost town doel (belgium)

Last weekend I went to ghost town Doel in Belgium with Bram Platel. The harbours will expand, and therefore a dock is planned at the very location of Doel. Doel is threatened with demolition, and consequently many people that lived in Doel sold their house to the government. Others, a minority do not accept this fate of Doel so readily, and fight the decisions in court.

As a consequence of many people leaving Doel, the small town has turned into a ghost town for the most part. Interesting enough to drive for an hour and shoot some pictures.

beijing – forbidden city

From September 19 to 26, 2010, I visited Beijing, China, for a conference. Before the conference started, we had two days to look around in the city. Almost straight from the 8 hour flight, only after dropping our baggage at the hotel, colleagues from Rotterdam and I went to visit the forbidden city. Luckily, we were still alive, as the taxi driver who brought us from the airport to the hotel fell asleep behind the wheel three times. We almost grabbed the wheel ourselves, as we feared waking him up might have caused him to make sudden and strange moves, possibly causing accidents. Luckily he woke up every time just before something went horribly wrong.