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holiday in france

This year we went on holiday to the Languedoc-Roussillon area in France with friends. We rented a nice house – called Mas du murier blanc – with our own swimming pool. Here you find some pictures of the veranda of the house, and of the cities and areas in the surroundings of our location, Vendras, close to Lussan. We visited Nîmes, Avignon, the Traîn a Vapeur des Cévennes and some sunflower and lavender fields.

la sauvage france

After our one week holiday in Normandy, we traveled a few hours more before we reached our destination for the next week in Brittany, Saint-Jean-du-Doight. This week we had a house to ourselves again, and we were looking forward to that. We arrived late in the afternoon and met the landlady who showed us the house. This was already a bit of a disappointment, because clearly only the nicer parts of the house appeared on the website.

Once we had the house to ourselves, we looked around, and – more disappointment – found out that the house was very dirty. We started cleaning with the vacuum cleaner and a broom. The vacuum cleaner didn’t clean at all – bigger disappointment because the bag was completely full. I went to ms. Barraclough (the landlady) and informed her of our disappointment due to the state of the house and the vacuum cleaner. About the first thing, all she did was say “oh no, I am so sorry”, she did not take action at all – huge disappointment. For the vacuum cleaner, she had a solution – more an advice actually – viz. empty the bag with our bare hands. New vacuum cleaner bags were not available for the Henry, not at the stores, and certainly not at the house – utter disappointment – all one could do is the manual emptying. This was clearly nonsense. When we came home (we left a day early), we complained once more by email and requested a refund, which we received one week later, unexpected, but more than just.

This experience nevertheless did not influence our opinion on Brittany, which is beautiful, just as its people.

la douce france

This year we went on holiday to Normandy and Brittany (see next post). Normandy was very nice. We rented a a room with bed and breakfast service at the Domaine de la Tour, which is a great place with very nice people. We stayed for six days during which we visited the beaches in the North of Normandy where the invasion of the allied forces in WWII started with D-Day, i.e. Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach, Sword Beach. It is amazing to see that some of these beaches are almost completely empty during high season (mid August) and nice weather (22 degrees C).