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urbexing in turnhout

Last Saturday, Bram Platel and I went to Turnhout (Belgium) to shoot some pictures of buildings in decay. Soon it appeared we were not the only ones. This so-called “urbex” picture shooting seems to be quite popular.

scheveningen in march

Last March we made a trip to the beach at Scheveningen. Although it was cold, it was very nice weather, and so nice to visit the beach, and the Scheveningen pier. The sun shone between the small clouds, that together made a beautiful sky.

more vught

Some more pictures of characteristic locations in Vught.

ghost town doel (belgium)

Last weekend I went to ghost town Doel in Belgium with Bram Platel. The harbours will expand, and therefore a dock is planned at the very location of Doel. Doel is threatened with demolition, and consequently many people that lived in Doel sold their house to the government. Others, a minority do not accept this fate of Doel so readily, and fight the decisions in court.

As a consequence of many people leaving Doel, the small town has turned into a ghost town for the most part. Interesting enough to drive for an hour and shoot some pictures.

sugar city

Together with Bram Platel I visited Sugar City, an old sugar factory, in the weekend. I heard about it on the news. In Halfweg is this old sugar factory that they are transforming. Since we went there on a Saturday, the janitor was not present, and we had not expected to find a big fence around the old factory. So, all we could do is drive to the other side of the factory premises and take some pictures from there. Below the results.

architecture collage

As a final assignment during the architecture photography course, we had to make a collage of about 25 or more photos. It took me quite some time to get a result that I actually do like. I had no clue when I started what the result would be like beforehand. That seems to be normal, I understood.

archipictures 2

A second series from the modern buildings in Rotterdam made during a second visit.

city hall vught

Before I started the architecture workshop mentioned in the post below, I thought I better practise myself without being hampered by any knowledge whatsoever.
I went to the city hall of my hometown Vught – luckily it was nice weather – and shot a few pictures. Nice thing is, the old city hall is only about 200 meters away from this modern building, so it is not that hard to catch both old and new city halls in one shot.
Thanks go out to Bram Platel for editing the first picture, removing a few reflections of branches in the windows.


Currently, i am following an architecture photography workshop at cke. here you can find the results of a first “session” in rotterdam. quite nice skies with dark and white clouds, sometimes even a touch of blue. we were with quite a number of people, and it looked like i was to walk through rotterdam with two other guys. however, after leaving hotel new york, where we gathered, and taking the first few pictures, i never saw the guys again that day….