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eindhoven airport

Some shots taken at a sunny Thursday afternoon in October at Eindhoven Airport.

a weekend at zwolle and dalfsen

Last weekend we visited Zwolle and Dalfsen. On Saturday afternoon our car brought us to Zwolle where we visited the old center, a.o. the “St. Michaëlskerk” (a.k.a. “Grote kerk”). We stayed the hotel in Dalfsen. On Sunday morning we made a walk along the river Vecht before heading home.

holiday in france

This year we went on holiday to the Languedoc-Roussillon area in France with friends. We rented a nice house – called Mas du murier blanc – with our own swimming pool. Here you find some pictures of the veranda of the house, and of the cities and areas in the surroundings of our location, Vendras, close to Lussan. We visited Nîmes, Avignon, the Traîn a Vapeur des Cévennes and some sunflower and lavender fields.

open house at the bleijendijk biological farm

On 18 and 19 june the biological farm of bleijendijk organized an open house. Visitors were welcome to come and take a look at the way this farm works. There were young calfs, and you could take a look at “harvesting” honey or taste many dairy products. Have a look at a few pictures from inside.

noodweer in vught, de dag erna.

Gisteravond was het noodweer in Vught. Dat is inmiddels duidelijk, alhoewel sommige mensen in andere delen van het land niet doorhadden waar al die heisa van het KNMI, de ANWB en de NS om was. Zie hieronder, het was terecht.

De foto’s van gisteravond waren bij bijna donker genomen, en dus moeilijk scherp te krijgen, met sluitertijden van meer dan 1/3 seconde soms.
Vanmorgen opnieuw door de wijk gelopen om alles bij licht te bekijken, en vast te leggen. Het resultaat staat hieronder, dezelde scênes, beter beeld. En de resultaten van de werkzaamheden van de brandweer en buurtbewoners om de wegen weer doorgankelijk te maken zijn ook te zien., Veel stukgezaagde stukken hout. Iemand twitterde al dat via Marktplaats open-haard-hout op te halen is in Vught, maar dat het nog wat nat is. U kunt het hout hier bekijken. 😉

noodweer in vught

Zoals velen op twitter hebben gelezen is het vanavond knap loos gegaan in Vught.
Hier een vlugge visuele impressie. Foto’s zijn lang niet allemaal (of misschien wel allemaal niet) scherp, maar er is te zien wat er getoond moet worden.

ghost town doel (belgium)

Last weekend I went to ghost town Doel in Belgium with Bram Platel. The harbours will expand, and therefore a dock is planned at the very location of Doel. Doel is threatened with demolition, and consequently many people that lived in Doel sold their house to the government. Others, a minority do not accept this fate of Doel so readily, and fight the decisions in court.

As a consequence of many people leaving Doel, the small town has turned into a ghost town for the most part. Interesting enough to drive for an hour and shoot some pictures.

harbors 020

Together with Bram Platel I visited the harbors of Amsterdam searching for a few photo opportunities, since we could not enter Sugar City (see previous post). Driving around the area, we found quite a nice set of huge cranes in the Afrikahaven. These happened to be the Condor and the Zeearend (each about 36 tons capacity) of the Rietlanden Terminals BV stevedores. We also found a kind of chemical facility which we shot, and in the end of the afternoon, right before returning to home, we went to the North Sea Canal and shot a cargo liner that happened to pass by.

sugar city

Together with Bram Platel I visited Sugar City, an old sugar factory, in the weekend. I heard about it on the news. In Halfweg is this old sugar factory that they are transforming. Since we went there on a Saturday, the janitor was not present, and we had not expected to find a big fence around the old factory. So, all we could do is drive to the other side of the factory premises and take some pictures from there. Below the results.

even more beijing

Some more mixed Beijing pictures. The first six were taken around a big shopping street – called Wang Fujing – with all the shops with big names in the world. The pictures themselves were not taken at the Wang Fujing, however, but in smaller streets around it. These pictures show like everyday life (or every evening life) with little shops selling mostly food at their window.

The seventh one is my favourite of all my Beijing pictures. We were having dinner in this restaurant when I saw these four cooks sitting in a room in front of the kitchen. I took my camera and approached them, and with some mime – I don’t speak Chinese, and they didn’t speak English – they agreed to me taking this picture. Unfortunately, lighting conditions were not so good, but I like the picture very much anyhow. The next two pictures I took while walking the streets. The Mahjonghh players I saw through an open window, and I immediately pointed my camera at them. They never even noticed someone taking a picture. Also on the streets we found a couple of chess players, not too far from the Temple of Heaven.