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Spoorzone 013

Typical Japanese?

Some pictures of people in typical Japanese outfits, or are they?

Japanese traditional wedding outfit

At the end of September, I was in Japan, and visited Tokyo for a day. We went to the Hama-rikyu Gardens, meaning to visit the local tea house over there. On our way to the tea house, we walked into a wedding photo shoot, with both groom and bride in traditional clothing. I asked if it would be possible to make some pictures myself, which was no problem. See here the result.

urbexing in turnhout

Last Saturday, Bram Platel and I went to Turnhout (Belgium) to shoot some pictures of buildings in decay. Soon it appeared we were not the only ones. This so-called “urbex” picture shooting seems to be quite popular.

skating in vught

On Sunday February 12th, many people were enjoying the ice on the IJzeren Man in Vught. I took some pictures, among which one with a little boy jumping on a diving board above the ice. Quite unusual. 🙂

candidates for a b/w (city) landscape photo contest

scheveningen in march

Last March we made a trip to the beach at Scheveningen. Although it was cold, it was very nice weather, and so nice to visit the beach, and the Scheveningen pier. The sun shone between the small clouds, that together made a beautiful sky.

more vught

Some more pictures of characteristic locations in Vught.

vught train station

Just some pictures of the train station in Vught.

glow eindhoven 2011

Tuesday, November 8, I went to Glow 2011 in Eindhoven, together with Bram Platel and Roy van Pelt. Below, some pictures of this year’s Glow.